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Ep #50 - Belén Alemán, Meltwater
Published May 17, 2017

In this episode of ICology, listen to Belén Alemán from Meltwater talk about how important their digital signage network is to connecting their global employees. Belén is now the learning and development manager for Meltwater but when she ran internal communications there, she launched a global digital signage network for Meltwater's domestic and global offices.

Ep #49 - Sarah Cooper, The Cooper Review
Published May 4, 2017

In this episode of ICology, Sarah Cooper, author and creator of The Cooper Review, shares her thoughts behind the creation of "Color Me HR, an activity guide for HR pros." It's a very creative and fun approach to the challenges that many in HR and communications face.

Ep #48 - Caroline Roodhouse, Alive With Ideas
Published April 11, 2017

In this episode of ICology, Caroline, content manager at Alive With Ideas, shares how communicators provides both reminders and advice to communicators about how to give the written word more meaning and impact. 

Caroline provides seven ways to sharpen your comms copy. These tips were initially provided in an infographic but in the podcast she's able to provide some depth and counsel to each. 

Ep #47 - Stephanie McCarty, Taylor Morrison
Published March 22, 2017

In this episode of ICology, she shares examples of how she and her team are helping the company build a strong foundation of internal communication, including launching a new mobile-friendly intranet. Roughly, Taylor Morrison employees are split between sales and on-site construction. This creates a communication challenge that Stephanie and her team met with the new intranet.  

Ep #46 - Edward Ford, Verizon
Published March 8, 2017

On this episode of ICology, listen to Edward Ford from Verizon about their internal video news program they produce on a daily basis. Edward is the enterprise community manager at Verizon's headquarters in Baskin Ridge, NJ. He's one of four communicators who hosts the daily program called "Up To Speed." It's a great lesson for other communicators who looking to create snackable content for employees who are on the go and desk-based.

Ep #45 - Tamara Snyder, Edelman
Published February 22, 2017

Trust is a topic that has come up on a lot of ICology episodes, but this time it's intentional. In January, Edelman released the 2017 Trust Barometer. In this episode of ICology, Tamara Snyder, Executive Vice President at Edelman, adds some flavor and context to this year's data. But while this year's report may shed a negative light on relationships with CEOs, there are silver linings for communicators to act on. 

Ep #44 - Simon Wright, Gatehouse
Published February 8, 2017

This episode of ICology welcomes back past guest Simon Wright, owner of Gatehouse. For the past nine years, Gatehouse has produced the annual State of the Sector report. He shares some of the trends more than 400 communicators shared about internal communication, along with challenges, channel use and leadership/ manager communication. 

Ep #43 - Sydney Leonard, Southwest Airlines
Published February 2, 2017


In this episode of ICology, hear Southwest Airlines' employee communications specialist Sydney Leonard talk about the challenges of communicating to on-the-move employees in the aviation industry, of which 83% are union. She shares the key channels Southwest Airlines uses to keep employees up to date, along with the challenges social media presents their internal communications team. 

Ep #42 - Hilary Gabso, Reebok
Published January 17, 2017

Coincidence that at the same time health and wellness is at an all-time low in the US so is employee engagement? Maybe. But there's all sorts of data that point to healthier employees being more engaged and productive employees.

In this episode of ICology, listen to Reebok's corporate comms manager Hilary Gabso share details on their internal culture that focuses on health and wellness. And before you think, "Oh of course Reebok can," her lessons can be adopted by any company of any size. 

Ep #41 - Jennifer Sproul, IoIC
Published January 2, 2017

In this episode of ICology, Institute of Internal Communication chief executive Jennifer Sproul discusses the recent professional skills framework recently created to help guide internal communicators and managers. We dig deeper into the six professional core areas.

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