2015 episodes

Ep #9, Ally Bunin, Northwell Health
Published December 21, 2015

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Ally Bunin is the AVP of Organizational Communication for North Shore-LIJ Health System (soon to be Northwell Health).  In this episode, we discuss the challenges and opportunities organizations face when going through an internal rebranding effort. 

Ep #8, Ciara O'Keeffe, StaffConnect
Published December 7, 2015

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Ciara O'Keeffe is the Director of Product and Customer Delivery for StaffConnect. In this episode of ICology, we talk about the steps companies must take to source an internal communications mobile app. This includes use cases, budgets, features, analytics and the "dreaded" IT partnership. 

Ep #7, Christopher Hannegan, Edelman
Publlished November 23, 2015

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Christopher Hannegan is the Executive Vice President & U.S. Practice Lead, Employee Engagement, for Edelman. In this episode, he shares his dedication and thoughts on employee engagement, along with the information that he and his team found while prepping the State of Employee Engagement report. 

Ep #6, Heather Wagoner, BBC
Publlished November 9, 2015

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Heather Wagoner is the Head of Internal Communications and Engagement at the BBC. She is one of the vocal leaders in the IC world. Heather shares her thoughts on the IC career path, along with her experience hiring communicators and what they do to sabotage their interviews and career paths. 

Ep #5, Katherine Bradshaw, IBE
Published October 26, 2015


Katherine Bradshaw is the Communications Manager for the Institute of Business Ethics. In this episode, Katherine discusses some of the challenges communicators face when discussing ethics and provides some helpful tips to make the ethics conversation more real for employees. Their Good Practice Guide to Communicating Ethical Values Internally is available for download

Ep #4, Denise Cox, Newsweaver
Published October 12, 2015

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Denise Cox is a recognized expert in the world of email. While many are quick to proclaim "email is dead," Denise talks through how communicators need to take great responsibility for the role of email and take it more seriously as a valued internal communication vehicle. 

Ep #3, Rocky Walls, 12 Stars Media & Candidio
Published September 28, 2015

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Rocky Walls  is the CEO and co-founder of 12 Stars Media and Candidio. Rocky is a recognized expert in all forms of video but I talked with him about the evolution of video for internal communications and how communicators can take advantage of video for communicating with employees. 

Ep #2, Alan Oram, Alive With Ideas!
Published September 14, 2015

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Alan Oram is the founder and creative director for Alive With Ideas!, a UK-based internal communications agency. Alan takes advantage of creativity in developing unique ways to deliver messages to the internal communications community and his clients. 

Ep #1, Mamie Peers, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Published August 31, 2015

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Mamie Peers is the internal communications director for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. She is truly one of the most innovative, creative and passionate communicators I've ever met.