2016 Episodes

Ep #40, Gregg Apirian, Vignette
Published December 19, 2016

In this episode of ICology, listen to Gregg Apirian, managing director for Vignette, shares eight trends for internal communicators to begin focusing on. Why eight? Because they actually have 11 on their blog.

Ep #39, Michelle Mahony, Ketchum
Published December 4, 2016

In this episode of ICology, Michelle Mahony, SVP & Regional Director at Ketchum, talks about about the agency's role in the Workplace by Facebook beta. Initially only about 200 companies around the world participated in the beta launch. She shares what they experienced using Workplace and how their own employees used and benefited from it. And since being a part of the beta group of users, Ketchum is now one of the key global implementation partners to help other companies adopt the new enterprise social network (ESN). Is Facebook ready for the enterprise? We're about to find out.

Ep #38, Crystalee Beck, Anniverstory
Published November 21, 2016

What is the perception of gratitude in the workplace? Crystalee Beck has researched this from the perspective of the employee. Through surveys, focus groups and interviews, Crystalee has learned how managers can better demonstrate gratitude at work, along with catering it to specific employee needs. In this episode of ICology, we discuss the role that gender and generations play. And while many might view gratitude as only positive, Crystalee also learned there's a dark side to appreciation

Ep #37, CorpComm Expo
Published November 18, 2016

This year's CorpComm Expo took place November 15-16 at Navy Pier in Chicago. Digital signage is often a misunderstood internal communications channel so I took the time to speak to four individuals who each represent a different part of the business. We cover hardware, integrations, content and education with guests:

  • Rich Ventura, NEC
  • Raffi Vartian, Diversified
  • Steve Glancey, Screenfeed
  • Andrea Varrone, Digital Signage Expo

Ep #36, Something Else - November
Published November 7, 2016

What is the biggest lie internal communications tells itself? Something Else is a monthly video series where ICology host Chuck Gose asks the questions and communicators provide the video answers. In this month's episode, guests include Paul Barton, Brian Moore, Priya Bates, Kristin Hancock, Rachel Miller, Heather Pommernelle, Rocky Walls and Daron Aldridge. Watch the video

Ep #35, Julia Markish, Medallia
Published October 24, 2016

Julia Markish is the director of the employee practice at Medallia. Medallia published a study on the state of employee feedback systems. In this episode of ICology, listen to Julia talk about some of the key findings and what communicators can do to play a bigger role in collecting and reporting on employee feedback. In addition, Julia shares her advice on why people should develop a professional mission statement for their own career. 

Ep #34, Greg Monaco, Monaco Lange
Published October 10, 2016

Communicators are more and more focusing on internal branding as part of their day-to-day job. In this episode of ICology, listen to Greg Monaco from Monaco Lange to talks about how brands are initially built with the employee in mind but things can go awry. Like customers, employees respond to strong storytelling so it's up to internal communicators to carry that torch and be the voice of the employee. 

Ep #33, Chris McGrath, Tangowork
Published September 26, 2016

In this episode of ICology, I talk with Chris McGrath, founder of Tangowork, one of the first companies (if not the first) to focus on chatbots for internal communications. If you want to learn more about chatbots, you'll want to listen to this conversation. We discuss the basics of chatbot technology, along with potential use cases for internal communicators. 

Ep #32, Mike Klein, Changing the Terms
Published September 12, 2016

Mike Klein is the principal of Changing The Terms and author of "From Lincoln to LinkedIn: the 55 Minute Guide to Social Communication." In this episode of ICology, Mike reviews the six forms of engagement, a few of which communicators might have viewed as disengagement in the past. In addition, we talk about the role internal communications plays in the employee engagement debate. 

Ep #31, Lise Michaud, IC Kollectif
Published August 29, 2016

Lise Michaud is the founder and creator of IC Kollectif, a brand new resource focused on the internal communications community. In this episode, we discuss her passion for internal communications, along with how she hopes to shape the future of IC Kollectif. You can follow IC Kollectif on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  

Ep #30, Elizabeth Jurewicz, Rackspace
Published August 15, 2016

Elizabeth (Liz) Jurewicz is the social enablement strategist at Rackspace. In this episode of ICology, we talk about the employee advocacy culture she's helped build at the company. Liz is not an internal communicator at Rackspace but you hear what she does impacts IC greatly.  

Ep #29, Angee Linsey, Linsey Careers
Published August 1, 2016

Angee Linsey is the managing director of Linsey Careers. In this episode of ICology, we talk about the importance of career development in internal communications and how crucial the first 90 days are.

Ep #28, Doug Magditch, AT&T
Published July 18, 2016


Doug Magditch is the host of the Life at AT&T podcast.  If you've ever thought of using a podcast for internal communication and to share employee stories, you'll want to listen to Doug's advice. 

Ep #27, Sonia Fiorenza, SocialChorus
Published July 5, 2016


Sonia Fiorenza is the vice president of content and engagement strategies for SocialChorus. They recently published a report focused on the technology gap in corporate communications

Ep #26, Rachel Miller, All Things IC
Published June 24, 2016


Rachel Miller is the founder of All Things IC and is one of the world's vocal experts on internal communication. She discusses the impact of the Brexit vote on communicators. 

Ep #25, Jason Rollins & Amanda Eglin, Arby's
Published June 20, 2016


Jason Rollins is the manager of corporate communication at Arby's and Amanda Eglin is the associate manager of internal communications. Listen to how they communicate to 70,000 employees around the world. 

Ep #24, Social, Mobile & Video for IC
Published June 6, 2016


In this episode, you'll hear from four speakers at May's Social, Video and Mobile for Internal Communications event put on by ALI Conferences:  Michael Anton, IBM; Kristin Hancock, College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba; Chris Bias, Roche; and Jody Wilkins, Concur

Ep #23, Stephanie Davies, Laughology
Published May 23, 2016

Curious about humor in the workplace? It's not about cracking jokes or being the class clown. Stephanie Davies, CEO of Laughology, talks about why having humor at work is important and strategies on how communicators can leverage humor to bring about change in an organization. 

Ep #22, PRSA Connect - Part 3
Published May 20, 2016


This is the final episode in a three-part series of interviews I conducted while at PRSA Connect. In this episode, you'll hear from: Angela Sinickas, Sinickas Communications;  Corey Wagner, Bananatag;  and
Ally Bunin, chair of the PRSA Employee Communications Section

Ep #21, PRSA Connect - Part 2
Published May 19, 2016


This is the second in a three-part series of interviews I conducted while at PRSA Connect. In this episode, you'll hear from; Christopher Hannegan, Edelman;
Alison Davis, Davis & Company; and Elisabeth Wang, Piedmont Healthcare

Ep #20, PRSA Connect - Part 1
Published May 18, 2016


This is the first in a three-part series of interviews I conducted while at  PRSA Connect. In this episode, you'll hear from: Steven Handmaker, Assurance;
Jeff Corbin, Apprise Mobile; and Cindy Crescenzo, Crescenzo Communications

Ep #19, Bev Attfield, Jostle
Published May 9, 2016


Bev Attfield is the director of tactical marketing for Jostle. Recently, Jostle published an interesting white paper and ebook on the Employee Engagement Gap. What they found is that executives and employees have differing view on the status of engagement, creating a gap.

Ep #18, Nick Howard, Edelman
Published April 25, 2016


Nick Howard is the executive director of Edelman Employee Engagement. Every year, Edelman publishes its Trust Barometer. In this episode, Nick discusses the new trends in 2016, but also the impact it has on internal communications. While the Trust Barometer is not a communication study per se, there is a lot for communicators to pick up on. 

Ep #17, Rachel Butts, Children's Health
Published April 11, 2016


Rachel Butts is the Digital Strategy Program Manager for Children's Health in Dallas, TX. By trade, Rachel is a communicator but has recently taken on a new role as the organization has moved into the digital workplace. She bridges the gap between the technology being deployed and the people who are using it. 

Ep #16, Jacob Morgan, Future of Work
Published March 28, 2016


Jacob Morgan is an author, speaker and futurist. But perhaps more important to this conversation, he is the co-founder of The Future of Work Community, a brand council of forward-thinking organizations. In this epsidoe of ICology, Jacob talks about the  Employee Experience Equation

Ep #15, Kristin Hancock, College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba
Published March 14, 2016


Kristin Hancock is the Manager of Communications for the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba. In this episode, hear how Kristin conducts her weekly staff meetings to improve the employee experience. And the lessons learned are ones that any manager can use to enhance staff meetings that might have become boring and dry.

Ep #14, Simon Wright, Gatehouse
Published February 29, 2016


Simon Wright is the owner of Gatehouse, a London-based internal communications agency. They released their State of the Sector 2016. In its eighth year, the State of the Sector is the definitive survey of the internal communication and employee engagement landscape. And it's completely free to download. In this episode, Simon discusses some of the key findings in this year's report, along with a few inconsistencies that are reported by communicators. 

Ep #13, Natalie White, Hampton by Hilton
Published February 15, 2016


Natalie White is the Senior Manager of Brand & Integration for Hampton at Hilton Worldwide. In this episode, you'll hear Natalie share stories about how they are using branding to drive the employee experience and external social media to connect employees all over the world. 

Ep #12, JoEllen Saeli-Lane, CARE
Published February 1, 2016


JoEllen Saeli-Lane is currently the internal communications director for CARE, one of the world's largest nonprofits. Very few think about the role of IC in nonprofits, and probably even fewer nonprofits have someone dedicated to the role. Hear JoEllen talk about some very not-so-obvious challenges she has as a communicator when her audience is scattered around the globe. 

Ep #11, Priya Bates, Inner Strength Communication
Published January 18, 2016


Priya Bates is the President of Inner Strength Communication, a Toronto-based agency that focuses on engagement, branding and training from the inside out. She shares her insights on the role communicators should play with change. It may be a bit cliché, but "change is inevitable" and communicators must be ready to help its organization through change.

Ep #10, Paul Barton, Paul Barton Communications
Published January 4, 2016


Paul Barton is a communicator by trade, but is also an educator, an author and one hell of a guitar player. He is also the author of "Maximizing Internal Communication." In this episode , we focus on crisis communication. While it's never something communicators want to happen, being prepared for a crisis is crucial to a company's success.