People have asked me how I came up with the name "ICology" and it's kind of a funny story. A mistype on Google caused the word "ecology" to show up. And after reading the definition, ICology made sense. Ecology is all about how organisms relate to one another and their surroundings. This is the basis of ICology.

ICology, founded by me (Chuck Gose) is about interesting people doing interesting things in the world of internal communications. ICology is working to achieve a great understanding and appreciation of the impact internal communications has with employees and companies.

But it's also about encouraging internal communicators to share their successes and their failures. Internal communicators, by the very nature of the name, tend to keep things internal. Yet they want to hear stories about how other companies and communicators are solving employee communication issues. This might sound a bit hypocritical but ICology is a safe place for communicators to share their stories. . . the good and the bad. 

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"If internal comms is your passion, ICology is your podcast."
- Heather Wagoner, BBC

Technically speaking, ICology began as a podcast in August 2015 with guest Mamie Peers from the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. A new episode appears every two weeks, with a few special episodes here and there. Each episode dives deeper into a specific channel or topic that's relevant to internal communication. 

I've had communicator leaders like Kristen Hancock, Rachel Butts and Natalie White on as guests, as well as industry experts like Christopher Hannegan, Rocky Walls, Rachel Miller and Jacob Morgan appearing on episodes. The best way to keep up to date and never miss an episode is to subscribe

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In 2015, I wanted to come up with a way to bring a sense of order to the chaotic world of internal communications. So many channels, strategies, themes and audiences to manage. He worked with Alive With Ideas!, an internal comms agency in London, to create including he Elements of IC

The original Periodic Table of Elements was created knowing it was imperfect. And we feel the same way about ours. We're encouraging the internal communication profession to download their the Periodic Table of Internal Communication and suggest elements we might have missed.