There are questions I have for the internal communication community that simply can't be answered in a podcast episode. I asked followers on Twitter whether I should call it Q&A. . . or Water Cooler. . . or Sound Off. And they said I should call it something else. 

So here's Something Else from ICology.

It's a monthly video series where I ask the questions and internal communicators provide the answers. Anyone can participate and their their thoughts and opinions with a simple video.


This month's question and answers...

Previous episodes

December 2016
"What can Santa Claus do to improve elf engagement?"

Guests: Elisabeth Wang, Crystalee Beck, Priya Bates, Jerry Sullivan, Kristin Hancock and the team at Bananatag 

Guests: Paul Barton, Priya Bates, Rachel Miller, Kristin Hancock, Brian Moore, Rocky Walls, Daron Aldridge & Heather Pommernelle

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