ICology recommendations

I'm grateful to have such great support from the internal communication community. Here are some sentiments they've shared. 


Rachel Miller
Founder, All Things IC

"Chuck's hard work in the area of internal communication has culminated in his fantastic ICology podcast series. Every episode is insightful, engaging and interesting. Chuck's ability to spot the trends, publish timely advice and do so in a way that makes you want to find out more, is reason alone to listen in."


Nick Howard
Partner, Brunswick Group

"It's rare to find someone who is so committed to the cause of internal communications. This is still a relatively 'young' discipline (at least compared to the more mature external comms) and it needs strong advocates like Chuck to raise its professional profile. Chuck's podcast, ICology, does exactly that. With its mix of guests of varied experiences, the range of topics and highly relevant and timely discussions, it is essential listening for anyone in the internal comms profession. Chuck leads these discussions with skill and real insight into the role that internal comms plays in helping organizations succeed. He's also a pleasure to work with - professional, collaborative and personable. If you haven't listened to ICology yet, subscribe now. You and the organization you support will be glad you did."


Rachel Butts
Digital Strategy Manager

"Chuck is one of my favorites. As a speaker, he is engaging, informative and able to translate difficult technical innovations into language that is easily accessible. As a podcast host, he is insightful - drawing out bits of gold from each guest while letting them each shine on their own. As a fellow communicator, Chuck is creative and focused on the audience and the message, a rare combination. I look forward to seeing him at conferences, when our paths cross. I always learn so much from him."


Alan Oram
Creative Director, Alive With Ideas

"I was featured as one of Chuck’s first guests on ICology and it was a genuine pleasure. Not only is Chuck a warm and welcoming host who is totally passionate about the subject of internal comms, he’s a load of fun to chat with too. As well as sharing interesting experiences about the subject of creativity, Chuck has a great deal to share about all aspects and challenges of the IC world – hugely knowledgeable, very smart and certainly knows his stuff. I think the ICology podcast will be a valuable resource for any IC pro looking to explore and share a rich and diverse knowledge bank." 


Victoria Dew
Corporate Communications,  GCP Applied Technologies

"I've been listening to ICology for a while now, and every episode seems to speak to an issue I'm facing in my work. My role is both internal and external, and so I especially appreciate the integrated approach Chuck takes to different topics communicators of all practice areas come up against. ICology always has great interviewees, and I think that whether you're starting out in your communications career, or are a seasoned professional, ICology is a great way to keep up with best practice and emerging trends."


Bev Attfield
Director of Tactical Marketing, Jostle

"With his blog and podcast series, Chuck has created a platform to discuss and evolve internal communications in a clear and meaningful way. Chuck is an engaging and insightful host, making it very easy to have an interesting and comfortable conversation. He interviews a wide range of guests on all manner of topics related to internal communications, which adds depth of material and useful resources to help improve and enhance skills and knowledge for all levels of practitioners, and leaders in general." 


Kristin Hancock
Communications Manager, College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba

"I was thrilled to be a guest on the ICology podcast and honored to be part of such a valuable resource. Chuck has done a fantastic job of collecting thought leaders from the world of internal communications and sharing their stories in a way that's both interesting and entertaining. He has a knack for making guests feel comfortable, which makes each episode feel like more of a conversation than an interview. Chuck's extensive background in communications makes him the perfect host for an intelligently designed podcast like ICology and I look forward to hearing more great episodes!" 


Mike Klein
Principal, Changing the Terms

"ICology was a fantastic opportunity at a number of levels. It offered me an opportunity to have the time and space to lay out an argument with more emotional as well as content depth than I could ever do in writing. It also gave me access to an interested, responsive global audience very different from what I had been reaching with my own blog and social media channels. The podcast recording itself has been a real asset to my ongoing marketing efforts. Chuck additionally adds a lot of value as an interviewer. Rather than playing "gotcha," Chuck is keen for his participants to be able to use the interview to sharpen their own articulation of their points, asking questions that reinforce and clarify the most important themes. Participating in ICology was a 10 out of 10 experience, and it could have easily gone up to 11."