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6th Intranet & Digital Workplace Summit


Hear first hand from experienced internal communication leaders about their organization’s intranet challenges, success stories and how they collaborate with internal departments to achieve organizational goals, including how to:

  • Build an updated Intranet with a shoe-string budget with input from employees
  • Discover 1-2 step strategies to increase effectiveness & refresh your site
  • Create, manage, & maintain a strategy for new & improved management team
  • Communicate with a dispersed work environment with effective internal communication tools
  • Empower employees through your intranet to reach organizational goals
  • Transition your organization & employees to utilize a mobile intranet to increase efficiency
  • Update your intranet with a shoestring budget
  • Speed up management buy-in
  • Develop a content management strategy that engages different departments & creates strong & effective editorial section on your intranet
  • Revamp your intranet to ensure it’s at its greatest potential