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Social, Video, & Mobile for Internal Communications


This interactive learning environment has been designed to provide you with open, peer-to-peer discussions on key internal communication issues, challenges and opportunities.

See how leading organizations have found a way to successfully communicate to all employees – from the C-suite to the hourly and remote workers – using social, video, mobile, and more.

Invest in this unique opportunity to see and hear how:

  • The Clorox Company utilized visually compelling content to inspire employees to join as social media ambassadors for their organization.
  • Aurora Health Care increased employee engagement to the organization’s strategy, while improving employee collaboration to help further drive an overall increase in operating margins, employee engagement, retention and productivity.
  • Qualcomm connects and engages a dispersed and diverse workforce through online platforms, contests, storytelling, and more. 
  • Concur creates the right content mix for their employees, knowing which tools, how much, and how often. 
  • Port of Portland modernized a government approach to reaching millennials through employee recognition programs and engaging social tools. 
  • Assurance increased employee engagement through low-cost internal videos.