12 ways to keep your internal comms content fresh

In this amazing and helpful infographic, Alive With Ideas comes up with 12 ways to keep your internal magazine content fresh. They recommend communicators:

  1. Focus on people
  2. Promote the way
  3. Publish company goals and periodic updates
  4. Feature individual roles
  5. Share the big wins
  6. Share employee survey results
  7. Promote employee benefits
  8. Circulate testimonials
  9. Share employee wellness information
  10. Feature key facts and figures
  11. Support current campaigns
  12. Promote career opportunities

With so many amazing channels available to internal communicators, it's still so vital to keep their content fresh. And these 12 tips extend far beyond even an internal magazine. Any content channel could use a good detox every now and then. Digital signage? ESN? Email newsletter? Yes. Yes. And yes. And other channels too. 

I worked with Alive With Ideas on the Elements of IC. I recommend you follow them on Twitter at @alivewithideas and check out their blog, too. 

Source: http://www.alivewithideas.com/blog/infogra...