What's your definition of internal communication?

Earlier this week, All Things IC's Rachel Miller reached out to me for my definition of internal communication. Honestly, it's something I've never really thought about. But I'm always up to a challenge, and a challenge it was. 

As I drafted out several components, I felt like I was chasing my tail a bit circling around words and concepts. So in frustration, I do what I do best - make things even more challenging. I decided to use only words that end in -tion. (There are a few words that don't but it's close.)

Here's what I came up with:

“IC is the facilitation, creation, operation and elevation of conversation and communication inside an organization.”

Feel free to poke holes but I think It's a solid start. . . especially using -tion words. Here are a few others, first from Alan Oram at Alive With Ideas

"The two-way exchange of information, opinion and ideas which creates understanding and shapes behaviors within an organization in order to progress." – Alan Oram, Director, Alive with Ideas!

And then a definition from the Institute of Internal Communication

“Organizations need to communicate effectively with their employees. It sounds simple, but the reality is less so. And as organizations get bigger, this becomes a more complex challenge. At the most basic level, you have to communicate well at the right time so employees know what is expected of them and what is happening in the organization. At a deeper level, for employees to feel engaged with their workplace and give their best, they have to believe their organization cares about their views and understand how their role contributes towards overall business objectives.” – Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC).

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