Engage your reader from the first word to the last

There are a lot of great resources that talk about the value of storytelling and the power of the spoken and written word. But the best way to kill great content? Have a typo. Or a misspelling. This is one of many tips provided in this latest infographic from Alive With Ideas

Their team has come up with seven ways to sharpen your comms copy:

  1. Sort out a logical structure
  2. Start with a powerful opening line
  3. Get to the point
  4. Stick to short words and sentences
  5. Drop the jargon
  6. Break it up
  7. Proofread

Internal communicators churn out a lot of content - some might be good but some isn't. Take the time to get your content ready for employees to read and use these seven tips. 

Source: http://www.alivewithideas.com/blog/sharpen...