Kickin' it up a notch for PRSA Connect 18

If you attended PRSA Connect 17 this past June in Denver, you know what an amazing event it was. I went back through the conference feedback from attendees and we had one person who said it didn't meet expectations.

One. One person out of 250 at a sold-out conference. Like legit sold out. The hotel wouldn't let us add anybody else.

And if you missed out last year, you can correct this in 2018. PRSA Connect 18 will be in Nashville, TN, May 16-18. Registrations aren't open quite yet so you'll want to save the link so you don't miss it. Remember when I said last year's sold out? It was sold out six weeks prior to the event.

It's not going to be easy to improve upon the 2017 experience but we have some ideas so challenge accepted. Our goal is to meet and exceed everyone's expectations, which keep getting raised each year. I'm the chair for next year's Connect and welcome the challenge.

Interested in speaking at PRSA Connect 18?

One of the key things which made last year's conference so great was the variety and quality of speakers. We had speakers from large companies like AT&T, SAS, Chipotle and Piedmont Healthcare, but also thought leaders and sole practitioners. We also did pre-conference workshops with Steve Crescenzo and Rocky Walls. (And yes, those sold out, too.) There was something for everyone interested in internal communication.

And for 2018, we're currently looking for the next class of great speakers to be involved next May. Submissions are due Friday, October 20. That's a little more than two weeks, which is plenty of time to get your ideas together. We had a tough time finalizing speakers last year. And I want it to be even tougher for the 2018 conference committee.

Let's kick things up a notch and showcase the best and brightest in employee communications. Get your ideas submitted.