Gauging Pokemon Go's impact on the workplace

UPDATEDBoeing has banned Pokemon Go. Executives cited safety concerns and bandwidth use as the reason for the ban. 

I'm absolutely amazed by the Pokemon Go craze. . . and I'm not even playing. People's response to it is almost as amazing as the technology itself. This app is probably one of the first accurate uses of the word "disruptive" -- with the use of gamification, augmented reality, mobility and nostalgia all wrapped up. 

But people respond to disruptions in many ways. Some embrace it. Others rage against it. And companies are no different. I'm looking to hear from communicators who have issued communications or organized activities around Pokemon Go. It's cool to hear that people are being active and exploring their communities. But it's another thing when theHolocaust Museum has to advise visitors against playing while on site. 

A friend on Facebook shared a picture of this note. I can't confirm its validity but I wouldn't be surprised if companies responded to Pokemon Go players (their employees) in a negative or harsh way. I'm not judging those who are playing or aren't playing. What I'm trying to find out is whether or not your company has encouraged or discouraged Pokemon Go play while at work. 

Please comment in the section below or contribute to the IABC group conversation I've started to share what your company is communicating about Pokemon Go.