60% of employees say mobile makes them more productive

Thanks to a study by The Economist Intelligence Unit, there is now an established and measurable connection between mobile-first workplaces and an increase in employee productivity and creativity. This data should help internal communicators work with the C-suite to drive any new mobile adoption. 

Overall, companies with a strong and coordinated internal mobile strategy experience a:

  • 16% rise in workplace productivity
  • 18% increase in creativity
  • 23% improvement in employee satisfaction
  • 21% greater loyalty to the employer

In the study, which included surveying 1,865 employees from around the world, EIU found that 60% of employees said mobile technology makes them more productive. And perhaps even more interesting, 45% believe it increases their creativity. On those two points, I'd like to know why 40% believe it inhibits productivity, but also what about mobile makes people more creative. 

The survey found that the biggest impact on employee productivity was the ability to work anywhere and anytime (49% said this mattered most). And the ability to work mobile would be the number one factor in an employee's satisfaction with their employer for 38%. This is interesting data for organizations weighing on work-life balance discussions. 

And for those who combine mobile and millennials in conversation, this study found that there was no link at all between an employee's age and how mobile technology impacted performance and engagement. This dispels the commonly-held belief that mobile working is tied to a younger generation. In leaders' eyes, this should make mobile technology an even greater priority for organizations.