Ecology is all about how organisms relate to one another and their surroundings. This is the basis of ICology.

It's about interesting people doing interesting things in the world of internal communications. ICology is working to achieve a great understanding and appreciation of the impact internal communications has with employees and companies.

But it's also about encouraging internal communicators to share their successes and their failures.  Internal communicators, by the very nature of the name, tend to keep things internal. ICology is both a listening post and a mouthpiece for the industry. 

The podcast began in August 2015 and the ICology community has grown exponentially from there, including the co-creation of the Elements of IC. Who knows where ICology will end up next. 

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Chuck Gose, host of ICology

I am a self-proclaimed Skyline Chili connoisseur and Duran Duran fan who has spent the better part of my career working in internal communications. Simply put, I'm one of the industry's biggest cheerleaders and enthusiasts. With IC leadership roles at GM and Rolls-Royce as well as technology companies  under my belt, I've seen both sides of the communication coin. I'm currently the corporate communication practice leader and sales director at BroadSign

I've served in leadership roles for IABC and PRSA. In addition to speaking at their events, I also work closely with ALI Conferences and other communication organizations to help spread the word and raise the bar. 

ICology is all about starting the conversation about how communicators can do more. Can be more. And often times are more. 

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